Mobile Advertising in China Grows Rapidly

 Uncertain economic growth does not appear to be slowing down the mobile market

Last year marked a key tipping point for marketers in China, as mobile ad spending surpassed desktop spending for the first time. A new eMarketer report, “China Mobile Advertising: Heady Growth amid Economic Uncertainty,” explores the trends in the space.203513

eMarketer estimates that outlays on mobile ads soared more than twofold in 2015 to reach $15.82 billion. Mobile made up 22.3% of total media ad spending in China—a higher level than in any other market worldwide. The sharp increase in mobile ad spending in China came amid slowing economic growth and an alarming slump on the stock market. Still, eMarketer predicts total mobile ad spending in China will climb 58.0% this year, and annual growth will expand by at least 20% through 2019.



The increased spending on mobile is partly attributed to the continued growth of consumer spending in China, which accounted for 60% of GDP growth in H1 2015, according to a July 2015 Bloomberg article. eMarketer’s estimate for mobile ad spending in China is considerably higher than other sources. Our 2016 estimate of $24.99 billion is almost 20% higher than the next largest estimate of $21.06 billion from Analysys International. The gap is even wider when compared with estimates from CyberZ, iResearch Consulting Group and others.


eMarketer’s estimates are based on an analysis of all available data, including estimates from third-party sources such as Analysys. For ad spending estimates, we tend to give more weight to reported financial results of publicly traded companies. For mobile ad spending in China, therefore, we rely heavily on the revenue data reported by such major players as Baidu and Alibaba.



In that light, eMarketer’s estimates might be seen as conservative, given that we assign roughly three-quarters of the total mobile ad market to just five players. However, it is worth noting that our most recent China estimates were completed in September 2015. The full impact of China’s stock market downturn and its tumbling currency is difficult to assess. The recent economic temblors in China make it difficult to forecast mobile ad spending, but on balance the data argues for continued rapid growth.

eMarketer corporate subscription clients can view the full report here.



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Читайте отчёт о поездке Mobio на China Joy на (+фото, видео)

As you may know, recently we have been at China Joy, one of the leading digital entertainment events in the industry’s calendar. It is both a fair and a conference offering numerous networking and other opportunities to those ready to move fast and work hard (like us). is one of the best Russian-speaking media covering various aspects of the mobile: development, promo, markets etc. The piece is in Russian, but the pictures and videos are in the universal language of visuals. Enjoy!

Link: Mobio’s trip to China Joy 2015

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Mobio at MBLT 15


As you probably know, on May 21 2015 the Digital October center (Bld. 3, 6, Bersenevskaya nab., Moscow) hosts MBLT 15, the 4th International Mobile Conference. This year, the event brings together even more experts and mobile professionals that will share their experience, best practices ad advice with the listeners as well as discuss current matters: market figures, trends, security, innovations, technology. MBLT 15 speakers come from Russia, Europe, America and Japan.

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A/B test your app to success: 8 proper tools

AB test your app to success - 8 proper tools

When you have a number of variants of this or that layout, feature, call to action, which do you choose for your app? Do you brainstorm the decision or pick one at random and hope it works? No need for that if you can A/B test the options and let the users – those you do it all for – tell you which one they like best. Let’s take a look at what the app development support industry has to offer when it comes to A/B test tools.

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The Future Of Mobile: The Tech

The Future Of Mobile: The Tech

Back in the 1970s, one Martin Cooper, an engineer with Motorola, made the first ever call using a cellphone. For a long time, phones, although developing in details, remained just that: phones. Today, they are smart, and their computational capabilities put computers from a decade ago to shame. And the beat goes on, you hear news about this breakthrough and that invention quite often nowadays. We picked a number of recent developments that we believe shape the future of mobile from the tech point of view.

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Mobio’s Sergey Konovalov speaks at GMGC 2015

Mobio's Sergey Konovalov speaks at GMGC 2015

As you already know, we take part in two large conferences held in China: Global Mobile Game Congress (April 24-25, Beijing) and Global Mobile Internet Conference (April 28-30, Beijing). Our executive director, Sergey Konovalov, will speak at one of them.

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There is something about deep links, and we’ll tell you what

There is something about deep links

Ok, so if it’s not your first week in the field, you already know what the “deep links” are. Basically, they are links (obvious) that lead deep (obvious yet again) into the app. Which means you can build campaigns much more complex and sophisticated. For example, deep links let you retarget users and bring them back to the exact spot within the app where they have left off. Or, you can launch an “upgrade-to-full-version” campaign and have the users land exactly on the page where you describe the benefits and hand a discount or other bonus to them. Or, you can catch a cart abandoner and bring him back to the store. Depending on the peculiarities and specifics of your app, deep links provide you with the opportunity to get more personal with your campaigns and engage you users at a different level.

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Need some intel? We’ve got the tools (8 of them)

Need some intel - We’ve got the tools (8 of them)

When you come up with an idea for a new app, most often you rush and jot it down before that lightbulb goes dark. It’s always great to have such moments of sparkling inspiration transmuting into something real, something new, something the world will thank you for. The downside of such situation is the excessive enthusiasm you might get infected with. Whatever resources you can and want to throw at the new product, you need to gather some intel first. The mobile economy is not that young anymore, and although it still offers much to the brave and the daring, a lot of ideas though to be innovative by their authors the moment they occur to them prove to be nothing new to the market. So, before you begin planning the development, check the paths your predecessors have walked, find the competition and learn the secrets of their success (or the reasons of failure, for that matter). There is a number of tools out there that let you gather the intel. We have taken time to list the best the web has to offer to a researching mobile developer.

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Our Guide to Buying Traffic: All You Need to Know to Efficiently Promote Your App Through Ad Networks

Mobio traffic buying guide

Regardless of whether you have made an app that is great and will definitely make a difference or just accompanies some larger business, you need to promote it. With the multitude of app promotion methods available, “good old” advertising is still the king of the mountain. And those “good old” adjectives do not actually describe or characterize the mobile ad serving networks used by app promoters today. They are sophisticated platforms and systems and complexes that offer laser targeting and allow setting up the campaigns so that you get the most for your money.

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